• Marian Willeke

Nature’s Obnoxious Streetlight

It was our first foray into the wilds with our new teardrop camper! By wilds, I mean the safety of campgrounds that know most people are idiots and forget everything, so they have propane, wood, bug spray, and anything pertinent to the camping lifestyle. This was officially the shakedown run, and back-up seemed wise.

Elle had specifically requested a multiple ferry experience, which is not hard on the barrier islands. Ferry #1 got us to our first island where we stayed at Carolina Beach State Park.

And it was total magic.

Keep in mind, I’m coming from the perspective of car camping being pretty luxurious because we got to carry plenty of water and extra special things. Like chairs.

While in Colorado, Arlo inducted us into the world of camping via a 65 lb backpack and good walking shoes. My 1 lb iron miniature tea kettle was the official luxury item!

So yeah. Upgraded to a FULL sized teapot and not having to do tent set up and tear down??


However, I did discover one big drawback to camping in a “proper” campground. There was this completely obnoxious light pouring into our stargazing window. It was 2 am, and it was square on Dax. He wakes up on a pencil light, so it was critical to resolve it.

I couldn’t believe it. What crazy campground would have street lamps? Didn’t that seem the opposite of communing with nature? I drew the shade, but still it was bright enough to filter in. Good grief people!

I stepped outside to see where it was in case we could move the teardrop entirely. Turns out, I couldn’t have gotten the teardrop out of the light.

It was the moon.

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