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Symptoms are behind us. Quarantine is behind us. Doctor gave us green light to be free! And... we're so tired and depleted. The only other two times I felt all my systems this depleted was when I had my babies.

So, why not pull out the "4th Trimester" post-partum nourishment book?

I still can't taste tea, so I'm sadly not able to say that I've had these insights due to a lovely meditative tea ceremony. I can say, however, that I'm older, wiser, and know that self-care isn't just a meme. It's a requirement for healthy, strong living.

So I hummed around the kitchen making our first round of bone broth. I ordered grocery delivery for stews and foil grilled fish. I ordered Chyavanprash and apple cider vinegar tinctures (fire cider + wildflower honey). I pulled out the honey and pepper. I'm no Aryurvedic practitioner, but I'm fortunate enough to know many, and have a Aryurvedic consultant bestie. And I wasn't messing around with this level of system depletion.

This restoration opportunity is more than just recovering from COVID. It's my second chance at a post-partum that didn't go how I desired 4 months ago. Being a consultant, I had to pre-set dates for my maternity leave, and Dax disagreed with my dates. I had very little recovery time with him snuggled in my arms. I tried to slow the return, but people were waiting. Projects were waiting. I had to care. My dreams of post-partum healing went up in smoke.

Four months later, I face the same needs, but this time, I'm not going to lose out on healing time. I'm only committed 1-2 hours a day for work items. I take naps. I putter around the rooms, minimising and cleaning. I sit on the porch. Arlo and I make meals together, then eat them slowly.


If there's anything I learned from this experience, it's really easy to flip your priorities the wrong way. Then you find yourself on the Super Highway of Busy with no visible exit. I'm not about to suggest "we should just stop doing that" because I remember how trapped I felt. And I can see it staring at me now. So there's no sanctimonious "just do better" from me.

I do think, though, a gigantic poster of my obligations and another gigantic poster of what (and who) I love is the physical reminder I need.

For now though, I'm just very happy to be puttering and replenishing.

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