• Marian Willeke

The Classy Bag Lady

Have you ever secretly admired the carrying capacity of bag ladies? It's astonishing how much they can cram in their cart. Granted, I prefer to not experience the socio-economic demise they are suffering, but I'd really like to get away with pushing a cart to carry all my stuff during errands.

Then Dax was born.

After all, carriages these days rival small cars, which was not lost on me when we ordered the SUV of baby push carts.

This nets me the carrying capacity of the dry cleaners, chemist, grocer, framing shop, and UPS store. Albeit the dry cleaning leading the way on the front was edging towards the shady.

This all started with buying a gas hog of a 4Runner. I freaked out with it's travesty on the environment, but the formerly owned Prius or MiniCooper wasn't going to pull the new teardrop all over the country for us and I'm sorry, but those hybrid Highlanders have zero personality. This resulted in parking the 4Runner and walking everywhere I can. Which, frankly, is a healthier result all around, but to buy a new vehicle and refuse to drive it seems to border on the absurd.

(Don't worry, we actively destroy the climate on trips in order to enjoy the natural beauty of our world. #Contradictions)

So for now, I am the classy bag lady, distracting everybody with "Look! Cute baby!"

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