• Marian Willeke

The Father's Day Tea

It took me less than 5 seconds to make the decision to buy Mansa Tea's Father's Day gift set of a gaiwan and raw pu'er. The selling point? Introduce your dad to the tea's version of Scotch's smokey flavours. #win

While my dad very much enjoys tea, his passion for peaty Scotch provides some insight on how the subtler flavours that tea offers could get lost.

Second bowl:

"Ummmm... this is very light. Maybe you're thinking Canadian whiskey."

(This was not a compliment)

Fourth bowl:

"Ohhh, I'm starting to taste it now ... perhaps a floral Scotch?"

(A good sign - he's getting flavour)

Sixth bowl:

"OK, definitely a nice summer smoke. I like it!" (#win)

However, it went downhill on the ninth bowl, which was gulped down in order to make room for the Lagavulin that had newly arrived to the scene by another in the room.

While the whiskey officially won the drink of the day - apparently whiskey in tiny tea cups suited him just fine - it was a fun experience discussing the differences between sheng and shu pu'erh, otherwise known as raw and fermented respectively, and what that actually means.

He noted the naturally sweeter notes of the raw as the tea opened, and I think he may even be looking forward to his own experiences with this tea and his new gaiwan.

Not to ever be confused with the actual Scotch experience. Apparently.

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